Linda G.

Feb 20 2019

I hired Alex Coffman when my son was ready to come out of rehab into sober living. This was new unchartered territory for me and I needed guidance on how to best serve the new life my son was about to embark on. He came highly recommended by Recovery Unplugged Rehab. Alex works with the whole family dynamic. I meet with him as well as my son. Alex also works in conjunction with my son’s sponsor. Alex, himself, is a former addict and knows all the tricks of the addict. He is super tough and does not let anything slide by, either with my son or myself. He is a straight shooter and tells you how it is. It’s not always pretty but I highly value his opinion. There are times when we don’t always agree but we always come to an understanding. Alex is not inexpensive because it is one on one meeting and phone calls. But it is worth the money to see your child making progress in life on a positive note.