Sober Transport in Austin & Dallas TX

The Addiction Management staff is comprised of Certified Peer Recovery Specialists trained in overdose prevention, who accompany your loved one during the entire length of the trip. The goal is to ensure your loved is well taken care of and that the right expertise is within reach in case of any developments. While the prospects of such an emergency occurring within our custody are low, our staff is always alert in case of any eventualities. We can never be too vigilant when the life of your loved one is on the line.

Addiction Management will also make all sober transport travel arrangements by liaising with your facility of choice. This will allow us to set up proper dates for pickup or delivery depending on whether or not your loved one is being admitted or discharged. The primary goal of making such sober transport arrangements is to ensure that all concerned parties are kept informed of any developments. This ensures that there aren’t any misunderstandings that might impede transportation, or make it more complicated than it ideally needs to be.

Addiction Management and sober transportation occur in a clean, professional and safe environment. You can also count on us to provide updates during the entire course of the transport. This information will be relayed to the family, clinicians and the treatment center. Thus, all these parties will be able to keep tabs on all new developments throughout the transport until it is finalized and your loved one is left in good hands. The toll that drug addiction has on the families and friends of those with the disease is immense. Being fully aware of this, we have undertaken the responsibility make our Sober Transportations offer the best in terms of care.

If you need help or help for your loved ones, don’t hesitate, give us a call today. It is a decision that you won’t regret.