Sober Companion in Dallas & Austin TX

Addiction recovery takes teamwork, and a sobriety companion can guide you through recovery and help you stay accountable. Also known as sober coaches, addiction companions help people take the initial steps toward recovery and guide them through treatment as they gain more confidence.

Everyone enters drug treatment with a different level of capability, and some require more assistance with the fundamental tasks than others. A sobriety coach offers help with many of the common barriers to treatment, including safe transportation, accountability and reassurance.

What is an Addiction Companion?

Addiction companions are trained to help those recovering from substance use disorder and holds certification to act as a recovery coach. They may be therapists, nurses or doctors, all of whom specialize in drug addiction treatment and come from a variety of backgrounds to suit a diverse range of clients.

Sober companions dedicate their lives to helping individuals overcome addiction, and they’re ready to offer as much support as needed, even if it’s round-the-clock care. They help the recovering addict avoid relapse when cravings become too intense to ignore.

An addiction companion will ensure that your loved one is never left alone and feeling lost. Instead, they will help them through their toughest moments, celebrate their accomplishments and encourage them to maintain their sobriety.

When Does Someone Need a Sober Companion?

There are different stages of recovery, and a person may require help with each. Those who are fearful of relapsing will benefit the most from an addiction companion. They may be people who lack a good support system, or they may simply feel like there’s still a strong probability they’ll start using drugs again once they’re out of treatment and have the ability to do so.

What Should Someone Expect When Starting to Use a Sober Companion?

A sober companion is an aid to someone adjusting to sober living. These companions can also act as sober escorts, people who offer safe transportation to and from therapy, support groups and other recovery-related appointments.

Sober companions ensure safety by removing drugs and alcohol from homes, keeping a close eye on someone to ensure that they aren’t at risk of relapsing, help reconcile relationships with friends and family and assist with healthy, adaptive behaviors that will aid recovery such as finding a job.

A Companion for Your Journey to Sobriety

The journey towards recovery for an addict, or their families can be long and arduous. It is a road fraught with many challenges which may not be insurmountable, but exert a considerable strain on relationships. It also hard not to forget the strain such a disease has on friends and family who have to brave the turmoil and emotional upheavals that accompany the condition. Many families lack the requisite skills to effectively help an addict stay sober.

We understand that each individual placed under our care has different needs and requires special measures to enable them to stay on the straight and narrow. We, therefore, endeavor to create a tailor-made approach to caregiving that will increase the chances of your loved one staying sober in the long run. Our certified companions will give round-the-clock companionship to your loved one to prevent them from relapsing. While the will-power of your loved one may be strong enough to counter mild cravings, additional help may be needed if they become too overwhelming. You can count on the expertise of our staff to resolve such issues.

This system also serves to build trust between all parties involved, and establish the companions as a pillar of strength, which further strengthens the resolve to overcome addiction. The companion will be there for your loved whether they are traveling for legal reasons, on vacation, having a medical evaluation, or transferring to a facility.

  • The main objective, is to ensure that the prospect of a relapse is eliminated.
  • To provide safe transport to all appointments that your loved one needs to attend.
  • To ensures that your loved one is accountable, and perform all of their obligations.