Recovery Support Specialist in Austin & Dallas TX

Families with a loved one recovering from addiction should prepare themselves for the long road to recovery. The journey can present a myriad of challenges, that in not properly monitored, can reverse the progress that has been made. Through our years of service at Addiction Management, and personal experience, we are well versed with all of the various impediments that can stand in the way of progress. Our team of certified Recovery Support Peer Specialists are qualified to identify these problems, and work to resolve them.

Our specialists also serve as advocates for both you and your loved one. The entire family will be furnished with details on how best to help the recovery process. This information will also include special tips regarding how to set goals, and to achieve them.

Our specialists will teach your loved a number of life skills that will reinforce their resolve to fight the urge to relapse. Moreover, the specialist will provide comprehensive educational sessions with the family that explain various aspects of addiction. As well as, guide the family through the correct methods of providing support for the recovering addict, while still maintaining healthy boundaries. This session will also serve to educate the family regarding enabling, the forms it takes, as well as the how counterproductive it can be.

It important for families to realize that they too need to embark on their own path to recovery. It will be beneficial to their own health and more importantly, it’s a crucial part of the recovery process. Call us today so we can be with you every step of the way.