Addiction Support Center in Austin TX

If you or a loved one are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. The longer you go without seeking treatment, the harder it can become to quit using substances that are harming your body. Our mobile addiction support center is here to assist you on your journey to sober living, every step of the way.

What is an addiction support center?

An addiction support center is there to support you when you are trying to recover and learn to live a sober life. Some of the ways that an addiction support center helps you is by offering you treatment options for your addiction.

Whether you need drug treatment, alcohol treatment or dual diagnosis treatment, our addiction support is here to help you address your addiction and get you on the road to recovery so that you can take back control of your life. We also offer sober coaches who can help you overcome distractions and make better choices as you return to sobriety.

How long has Addiction Management been helping addicts in the Austin area?

Addiction Management has been helping addicts treat their addictions for years. We are proud to offer our clients with lasting treatment options and support that they can count on to help them get and stay sober.

As everyone who’s ever battled an addiction knows, coming down from the withdrawal symptoms of a substance is difficult enough, but that is only half the battle. Once you get sober, it can be difficult to maintain sobriety. Everyone has different low spots, but one thing is for sure: there will be low spots that occur. At Addiction Management, we’ll seek to provide you with alternative ways of living and offer lifestyle skills that can help you grow and overcome temptations when they arise.

Our Addiction Center Services

We offer a variety of types of services here at Addiction Management, some of which consist of the following:

Interventions: You’ve probably seen the TV show “Intervention” on television, and while our interventions might not always be so dramatic, they do have the same aim in the end: to help you loved one realize that he or she has a problem and to convince him or her to seek help for the addiction.

Tracking and accountability: Tracking and accountability consists of holding recovering addicts accountable for maintaining their sobriety. There are a variety of ways we do this, some of which include having participants meet a certain number of times per week, having them develop 1-year and 10-year plans, teaching them meditation methods and more. Staying focused and goal-oriented is one of the most effective ways to help a recovering addict keep from lapsing back into old habits and addictive lifestyles.

Peer recovery support: Another one of the most effective ways to help recovering addicts stay sober is to provide them with a support system. Not everyone has support at home, but here we offer you support from your own peers, people like you who really know what you’re going through and can understand your urges.

Family recovery support: For those people who do have strong ties to their families, we work with you to provide you with support from your family and to help everyone communicate in more productive ways, without blame. Rebuilding family relationships that have been damaged by addiction is an important part of successful recovery.

Sober companion: Part of our program focuses on offering you a sober companion. A sober companion is someone who works with you 24/7 to help you stay sober when you’re faced with those irresistible urges to engage in abusive behavior.

Sober transport: One of the most practical and beneficial services we offer is our sober transport. We know how serious it can be for an addict to be experiencing withdrawal symptoms, and although we are well-trained in overdose prevention, we’re also prepared in case something happens. Our sober transportation team is there to make sure that your loved one arrives safely at the intended destination.

Addiction family counsulting: If you or a loved one is suffering from substance use disorder, chances are, your family has been affected. Maybe you’ve destroyed some relationships or harmed loved ones. We offer family consulting to attempt to prepare the best path of permanent recovery for all involved.

Why is working with an addiction support center important?

It can be dangerous to attempt to withdraw from certain substances on your own. Plus, maintaining sobriety is nearly impossible without some lifestyle changes. But you don’t have to do it alone when our mobile addiction center servicing all areas around Austin is here to help you. Contact us today for help with overcoming addiction.

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