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Our hope is to share an abundance of life with each and every one of you who wish to join us on the path to freedom

Our Mission

Addiction Management has one goal; to restore your quality of life with support from our team of highly trained treatment professionals.

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Our Method

Employing your personal strengths in treatment empowers you to utilize the skills you possess to gain motivation, and continual success.

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Our Promise

Our team of professionals ensure your complete satisfaction with our process, from the moment you reach out and start your journey.

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Addiction Management in Austin & Dallas TX Providing you support from our team of highly trained treatment professionals

Through first-hand experience, we know that personalized services are the best course of action when treating individuals and families who wish to start on the path to recovery. With hearts full of hope and passion, our teams specialize in assisting you and your family with each unique recovery processes. If our combined experience can assist a single family to recover, then our mission has been worthwhile.

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Our team is here to ensure that any family going through the pain, confusion, heartbreak of addiction, and feeling of being lost will rise to their feet again and be set on the abundant path to permanent recovery. Addiction is a chronic disease that will require maximum support and long term disease management. We will work together to ensure that you have the support to overcome addictions.

Contrary to popular belief, drug addiction is not a sign of character flaw or a sign of weakness. It can happen even to the best of us. The fact that you have examined the problem and you are thinking about change is one-step closer to the road of recovery. If you are facing addiction or looking to help a loved one facing addiction, reach out today and start your journey on your unique road to recovery.

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Our Testimonials

"While we are early in the relationship we have been extremely pleased with the hands on support our son has received. Alex is sincerely concerned for the well-being of our addict and I can honestly say I don't worry about him knowing he is in such good hands. "

Scott P.

"Alex’s guidance had been transformational for our family. He has shepherded us as our alcoholic family member entered and completed rehab, moved into sober living, found work and connected with others in the recovery community. Alex’s guidance has shown us how our “helping” in the past actually allowed the disease to progress. This understanding gave us the strength, confidence and freedom to make different decisions this time, for our alcoholic family member and for ourselves. Addiction causes a vortex of damage. With Alex’s help, we are all healing. Alex and Evan are professional and very customer oriented. Both have gone from addiction to recovery themselves. They understand what it takes, have vital insights into the process as well as connections in the community. For us, their help has been essential. "

Lisa G.

"Evan and company are the best at what they do. Not only do they provide an effective solution to help the individual suffering from alcoholism and addiction recover, but they help their families recover also. "

Scott B.

"As the mother of an addict, I was desperate. Watching your loved one in the throes of their addiction is confusing, worrisome, fearful, and heartbreaking. You are not alone - Addiction Management can help! Alex and Evan's personal experiences give them a unique perspective on working with families. They help you realize that you didn't cause it, you can't cure it and you can't control it. Their program helps you move forward with your loved ones and in treatment and recovery. Alex and Evan are available 24/7, and stay involved via personal visits and through phone calls. For a successful approach to recovery that truly works, contact Addiction Management. Alex and Evan will help! "

Leah C.

"As a public health student, I see how addiction affects a person mentally and physically. As a sister, I see how addiction affects not only the addict, but their loved ones too. Alex and Evan are dedicated to changing lives through recovery and sobriety. No one can go through this alone. Addiction Management is here for you and your loved ones to have a solid support system 24/7 with many services such as transportation, interventions, accountability, and more. If you are seeking help, I highly recommend giving them a call. They can change your life. "

Erin C.

"Evan and Alex are knowledgeable and experienced in helping families create a full life of recovery. They will give 100% in every encounter, and are always honest and helpful. Dedication to helping understand the intensity of addiction and alcoholism is sometimes hard to come across, but these men are genuinely there every step of the way. I will continue to recommend Addiction Management to those looking for guidance into a new life. "

Laura B.

"Addiction Management works diligently to provide the best care to people struggling with addiction, and their families. They go above and beyond to meet their clients needs--they show up, maintain open communication throughout the process and stay the course of action required for success. It is evident that Evan and Alex are passionate and committed to guiding families and their loved ones to a better way of life. Choosing their services is the best way to start this lifelong journey; they bring hope, love and success. Highly recommend reaching out to Addiction Management. "

Katie V.

"Being a mother of two boys I have recommended Addiction Management to many people. The response has been nothing but praise because, most didn't realize all of the options Addiction Management provided. Unlike others in the industry, Addiction Management offers a personalized experience for the entire family. The family is the users support system and at the same time, can be the users biggest enablers. Treating the whole family is Addiction Management's number one priority. If you truly love someone who is suffering and want them to learn how to live a successful, sustainable life after sobriety, Addiction Management is your place. "

Kim. W

"Alex and Evan are genuinely dedicated to a life of recovery. It is reflected in the quality of care in every aspect of the Addiction Management services. From initial contact you will be supported in several different ways and can count on them to be there no matter the time of day. I personally have referred loved ones to to this dedicated team and stand by the values this company encompasses. I highly recommend Addiction Management to any person or family seeking a new way of life. "

Kathlyn P.

"I hired Alex Coffman when my son was ready to come out of rehab into sober living. This was new unchartered territory for me and I needed guidance on how to best serve the new life my son was about to embark on. He came highly recommended by Recovery Unplugged Rehab. Alex works with the whole family dynamic. I meet with him as well as my son. Alex also works in conjunction with my son's sponsor. Alex, himself, is a former addict and knows all the tricks of the addict. He is super tough and does not let anything slide by, either with my son or myself. He is a straight shooter and tells you how it is. It's not always pretty but I highly value his opinion. There are times when we don't always agree but we always come to an understanding. Alex is not inexpensive because it is one on one meeting and phone calls. But it is worth the money to see your child making progress in life on a positive note. "

Linda G.

"24/7 Availability. 24/7 Response Time. Firsthand experience and absolute knowledge for the addict, their loved ones, families and friends. The guys at Addiction Management can get you healthy and functioning."

Lisa T.

"Life changing, my son Started using this service 6 months ago and has been great!!"

Maria W.

"My experience with Addiction Management and Alex, has helped establish the foundation and sense of responsibility that I needed to stay sober, that I have not felt in years. Had it not been for Alex and Addiction Management I would have used at this point, and who know where I would be without them. "

Ben W.